Our Mission & Vision

The mission of our Outreach is to be Living Proof that people care, hope exists, and we serve a loving God.  Our vision as an outreach program is to dedicate our time to helping others find their purpose in life.  We want to offer many different ways for people to get involved in serving their community while bringing hope to those in need!


Leadership Team:

Our leadership team is comprised of two dedicated people who want to help other people excel in purposeful living. The leaders are all about exploring life, the meaning of it and our purpose we have.  Living Proof Outreach knows that we all have a purpose but sometimes its hard to find it; That is why our leaders are willing to give time and plan ways to serve our community.  We want 18-20 somethings and teens to have their lives radically changed while impacting the lives of those who are in need.  The leadership team would love to meet with you if you are interested in getting involved, donating, or want to know more about Living Proof Outreach.

Joshua Martin, Leader

Hey guys, I’m Joshua, But feel free to call me Josh. I am 24 years old and currently a transfer student from Broward College and now attending school to receive my BA in engineering at Florida International University (go Panthers!).  I love working hands on, fixing things, and building cool stuff. I love to watch football, I am a big Dallas Cowboys fan. During my free time I enjoy going to the beach riding on boat’s, jetski’s or anything fast; I also have a motorcycle and atv that gets tons of use. About a year ago, I obtained a new interest of going out to feed the homeless. I love being apart of Living Proof and I am all about wanting to see adults my age find their purpose in life. I know plenty of times I have wondered “What am I doing here? What’s my purpose?”. Living Proof has made it much more clear to me as what my purpose is. I love serving others and dedicated to helping you find your purpose as well!


Samantha MacDonald, Leader

Hey Everyone, I am Samantha. I am 20 years old and currently attending Broward College (Go Seahawks!) to obtain my AA is Elementary Education. I work right now for the City of Pembroke Pines as a preschool teacher. I love my job; I have a passion for children and people. I enjoy shopping and and doing artsy projects. I love making everyone smile; I’ve been told I am a natural encourager. I love To meet new people all the time, It makes life very exciting. I think that is a reason why I have such a heart to feed the homeless. I love hearing peoples stories, encouraging them, and bringing them hope. I know that us 18-20 somethings are so caught up in our everyday lives that it’s hard to make time and figure what our purpose really is in life. I truly believe Living proof is giving opportunities for us to serve others and find our purpose while doing so. My desire is to help every person that wants to be apart of living proof find what their talents, skills, and purpose is in life.