How Do I serve?

Living Proof Outreach offers many ways to get involved.  From food drives, to preparing food, to packing clothes and blankets, all to going out to feed the homeless.  We have many other ways for you to help your community; Living Proof outreach is a partner and branch of a local outreach ministry called A Place In Time.  A Place In Time offers many other aspects and opportunities to serve as well as volunteering at their monthly food pantryLiving Proof outreach will find ways to help you feel comfortable doing something you love! Tell us what you are interested in, your talents, your weaknesses, what you want to tryWe will find something for you!

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Feeding the Homeless

Living Proof Outreach feeds the homeless the second Saturday of every month.  As we spend the month getting ready for the outreach we need help with picking up donations from local restaurants and shops, organizing clothes/shoes, preparing the meal, making hygiene packs, and passing out the word of the outreach. When the outreach finally comes we are so excited to serve those who are in need, but we need YOUR help by feeding, clothing, and building a friendly relationship with them.  During the outreach we need people to offer there talent to pass out the food, or water and dessert , help the homeless pick out clothes, or speak with them.  During the outreach we make this a safe and fun experience,therefore, you do not have to do anything you do not want to!

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Food Drives

We have been blessed to be apart of food drives that provide food for our outreach ministry, so this is a big part of Living Proof Outreach! We would love to have you on our team to go and find stores that can partner with us so that we can have food drives, or we could use your help during the food drive so that you can be apart of making a change through other peoples donations.